Truly Enjoying the Rest of Your Life: Shocking Denial

Truly Enjoying the Rest of Your Life
Shocking Denial

In the 1960’s, in Geneseo, NY, there were several household pets who would band together at night and attack and kill sheep on a nearby farm, and then disband and go home. Confronted by the owner of the   now dead sheep, the dog owners were outraged that he would “dare suggest such a thing!!” So, after repeated warnings, he loosed his 12 gauge upon the dog pack which had just again killed one of his lambs. Then, the farmer took pictures of the dogs lying on the ground dead, including the fluffy white poodle, and a Pekingese. Each of the dogs had blood and wool in their mouths. Shockingly, even after seeing the photos and now in the absence of their house pet dogs, these pet owner would still not admit to it then.

So, nothing is new about this! Dishonest people will die that way – in denial.

Some parents are so bent on believing that their child would never do anything wrong, they will go to the furthest extend of denial and rage when the call comes from the school teacher or principal.

Still, some forge ahead with their sins and guilt, knowing they are guilty before God who sees all, and yet never stopping to repent and turn to God.

It’s like the little boy who has a wood splinter in his finger and it hurts and is bothering him and yet, he does not want to stop and let his daddy pull it out. Once his dad makes him stop and pulls that splinter out which causes a momentary ouch, the young boy smiles once again and is off running free, playing and enjoying life.

Do you want to enjoy the rest of your life? If so, stop and make peace with your Maker who is also your Judge whom you will stand before and give account of your life on this earth. You will never experience true peace until you turn your life to the One who gave it – the Prince of Peace. He loves you and has made full provision for your life both now and forever. Now, go here and learn how to make peace with Him … Making Peace with God

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