Lavish Televangelist Wolves

Message from Brian Jones:

WARNING: There is a foul and loathsome smell coming from Televangelism today! Multiple Rolls Royce’s, Multi-Million dollar mansions, multiple homes, extravagant vacations several times a year, personal use of a “Ministry” jet, supposed men of God “owning” nothing themselves, and protect it all under the 501c3. JESSE DUPLANTIS: Newest mansion is just over 22 thousand sq ft of living space, with garage and other areas covered at just over 12 thousand sq ft. At a cost of over $3 million to build and the house is owned by…. Jesse Duplantis “ministries.” Hmmmm I wonder how much “outreach” is being done from his private theater and the balance of that massive complex? Hmmmmm”

My 2 Cents:

ANY “ministry” not fulfilling the Great Commission Command of Jesus to win and teach men His Word, is not fulfilling a New Testament purpose and is a false ministry! Wake up, repent, and stop funding this filth! Start supporting ministry works that fulfill a New Testament purpose! Ask God for misusing and mis-stewarding the previous funds He gave you!

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