False Ministries are Christ’s Enemies

Concerning false ministries and the reason why wolves who are “enemies of the cross of Christ” do not want you to die to self, pastor Gary Price says:

“All of it (false ministry) is orchestrated by the devil to distract and pull people off to the side … if you begin to seek God and you are fleshly still, and you’re moving toward God … They stand in the way to hinder you from getting to God so that you won’t die to the flesh, because if you die to the flesh then they can’t control you and steal your money. Real ministry says ‘Get to Christ. Get to Christ. Forget people and get to Christ. Don’t worship people. Don’t worship personalities. Get to Christ. You get to Christ and you walk through that cross and you get crucified in the process.’ The Bible calls it they’re enemies of the cross of Christ – the crucifixion process – that’s what they’re the enemies of. They stand up and they don’t want you to be crucified because if you’re crucified, ‘I’ll be nothing to you.’” Crucified with Christ, audio message, Price, OmegaMinistry.org

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